Image: Mark Rothko, Blue, Green and Brown, 1944, Washington National Gallery of Art



The colour series has been designed for you to learn how colours are used in art, what their meaning is and how to use them in a personal and unique way. Learn about colours in an experimental way and play with them using different media and surfaces. Follow each class in a series or focus on one or two colours of your choice. 


This course is composed of 6 classes of 1 hour each. Each class covers a colour and includes reading, exercises and the discovery of historic and contemporary artists, their technique and work. Each class is dedicated to personal explorations, discovery of new media and enlarging your artistic knowledge.

For those who wish to experiment further, each class contains a section "beyond" which includes additional exercises, tips and references



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This program is for you if

  • You are experimental, intuitive and desire to step outside of yourself and find new creative paths

  • You want to learn new media and rendering

  • You wish to understand the meaning of colour, how artists have used them and create your own language of colour

  • You are an experienced or an amateur artist willing to expand your own practice

  • You are creatively independent and want to move beyond the fundamentals of colour theory

This series of classes is not intended to teach you traditional colour theory nor to show you how to replicate another artist's artworks or to produce hyper realistic paintings. 


This course includes photos, explanatory text, links to external resources and only very few demonstrating videos. From experience, showing "how to" leads to replicating what is being demonstrated rather than leading to experimentation and self-growth. This course invites the students to rethink their creativity, not in terms of right/wrong, but instead in an open minded approach as it is as much about learning to paint than discovering who you are as an artist. 

Each class is divided in two parts, each includes 5-10 minutes reading and 20-25 minutes painting. Of course, if you wish to spend more time researching or experimenting, this is up to you. At the end of the class, for those who wish to go further, a "Beyond" section offers additional readings and exercises.

The classes are available for 3 months. You will be sent a reminder when the end of the course approaches.

  • Build strong foundations in colour 

  • Expand your knowledge in colour history and techniques

  • Obtain skills to build and maintain an independent artistic practice

  • Gain confidence to undertake experimental technical/artistic approaches in developing your own style and creative potential



  • cyan, magenta (acrylic or gouache preferably)

  • one large brush and a paint roller (from the $2 shop)

  • A3 paper that support paint (at least 4-6 sheets)

  • liquid craft glue

  • thick brown cardboard, cutting tools

  • water container, rag 

  • camera/phone


  • will be updated soon


Each beyond exercise will require various tools that are usually found in any artist studio such as pencil, paint, paper etc. 

For the paint and water, think to reuse your take away plastic containers, they are stackable and won’t take much space. Don’t buy plastic please.

You might want to write down notes as you go and will need a notebook and pen 

Remember to prepare the usual rags or absorbent paper towel and to wear dark clothes​​

See you on the forum, we are looking forward to meeting you.