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Sat, Jun 13
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Overcoming eco-anxiety
What is eco-anxiety? How do artists use their art to cope with it? Looking at mind mapping, art making, guided meditation, journaling and group discussions, this one hour and a half workshop is packed with practical tips and tools to overcome eco-anxiety provoked by summer fires and drought.
Sat, Jul 04
State of Flow
What is the artistic flow and how to cultivate that state? Learning about cortisol levels, the vagal system, cardiac coherence and repetitiveness as a creative process, you will discover many artistic strategies to reduce your level of stress.
Sat, Aug 15
Let's be an Aloe Vera
Naturopath Candace Borg, herbologist passionate Jenn Clark and artist Sofie Dieu will join you to creatively discuss how plants and tea making can help relieve stress. Learn how naturotherapy inspired recipes, gardening tips and creative activities can support you forge self care awareness.

A series of short activities have been designed for adults and children alike. By bringing your attention back to the present moment, these activities will help you to overcome the difficult times we are all facing. Social distancing and restricted time outdoor can become the opportunity to reflect and disengage with the usual background noise of our mind.  

Stillness Through Art

Easy online access to art classes, peer forum and art resources. Inclusive & accessible way to enrich your knowledge, connect with other artists and challenge your practice.

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the workshop today. You were so very generous with your expertise, your work is lovely and it makes such a difference when there is the personal inspiration."

- Lindsay Sutherlanbd- 

Malvern ink workshop

"Thanks Sofie, we all had a great time & were very impressed by your professional delivery of the workshop. I know some artists were intending to do more ink painting after today, including me."

- Glenda Taylor -

Baudin Beach Gallery, Kangaroo Island

"I really like how action packed the class was and how we went though various techniques and learned a lot of ways of using ink and textures. Sofie is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Highly recommend her classes to everyone."

 - Yegana Jefarova -

Sydney, NSW

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